Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" / by Loren Wheeler

Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox”


Costumes and Props
The costumes were we made well by talented artists. Humorous or otherwise significant consume pieces were used to elaborate upon a character’s background, identity, or motives/persona. Recurring pieces were used to provide contextual clues or thru-lines (ex: badger in fishing outfit @ beginning, cape worn by the son to show his belief in himself as hero, patch on the back of mr fox’s suit to remind of tail cutting/neuter?, mrs. fox has paintbrushes, scissors in sweater/shirt: shows her background)

Setting and Background
skies accentuate the feeling of the scene (ex: over factories a darkened sky, over family swim time a warm evening glow, nighttime stars clear sky). Sets are meticulously created and elaborate. Much visual information( ex: when mr. fox giving speech in sewer, 59:52, pipes and wall breakage behind give a grandiose effect; pine cone fire scene satellite dish, man up stairs in background, quirky shop names,


Due to the puppet nature, expressions are necessarily (?) not as complex. The great addition to emotional acting content comes from the performance of the voices themselves. The voices are relaxed, subtle, at times heartfelt

Camera Techniques

Symmetrical shots: focus on the element in the scene, visually pleasing, artistic, feel good, feeling of a coziness; contained


well matched ,often strangely chosen, british invasion rock music, mellow sounds, children’s voices, composed esp. for the film.

Pacing and Organization

divergent from the B,B,B, and goes into personal story of family and friends, leave the narrative thrust behind for a spell, wave of action creates a feeling of continuous story that will go on forever somehow. B, B, B waiting at the end for them to come up, don’t know that they’re since left and gone elsewhere. Found food. What will happen later? presumably they have won and the BBB will find something else to do, bored, distracted, forget, give up


dead-pan acting and voice style, flows mellow and smooth, often quiet or subtle flow,

Back Story (of production)

Clearly a lot of work went into production. Yet more basic animation; older style “retro,” fur is waving as the characters move, less advanced looking, makes it feel clunky and at-home DIY, accessible, simpler, fun, child-like, could have done much more clearly. a conscious choice.


The movie is executed superbly, in the classic wes anderson style: deadpan dialogue, dry humor, a focus on the fairly mundane and basic details and events, relationships. symmetrical shots, elaborated character/style focus brings attention to the entire scene, less focus on the narration of action or events, though they are present and the story moves at a nice, albeit slow and consistent, pace.