Wes Anderson's "Rushmore" / by Loren Wheeler

I have been working with film analysis recently, and have undertaken to watch all of Wes Anderson's films, and work on an analyses of some form for each. Here is what I came up with for this movie. It is in a basic format, from notes taken. Since I wasn't doing this for an audience, I kept in in basic note format.


Wes Anderson’s “Rushmore”

geometrically balanced shots
-ex: portrait shots, establishing shots, create a focus and a visually pleasing layout of the scene
geometric camera movements
-create a clarity and a digestibility by making the whole movie feel very clear. Orientation is often front/back side movements at 90-180 degree movements, or straight dolly shots moving with the action
consistent incorporation of slow motion
complex scene elements: theatre-like intentionality: whole scene filled with information
-ex: in cemetery, fire burning in the background while Max (Jason) and Herman (Bill) talking
panning/dolly shots : follow action/create intimacy(connection) with characters/elements in scene
-ex: ground-breaking ceremony moving between action moments and characters
shots from outside
-give a feeling of place, and offer more scene elements
-ex: outside the window watching max and Rosemary at the fish tanks
-ex: walking into mass house from other side of fence
overhead shots
-intimacy with the character,

Consistent style, aesthetic
-significant aesthetic shift when Max moves to grover-cleveland
Titles: “Futura” font evident in titles and props
-side of bus, Jean-Jacques Cousteau book
Costume elements chosen to display character in clear ways
-ex: irish boy’s cast hints at injury/aggressive behavior/sports
-ex:max always wears suit, everyone else in simple shirts

‘false endings’
-moments of finality which are false summits, created with musical additions or cinematography which indicate an end
-create a continual wave story-form of the piece, few highs or lows, ‘dry’ experience of somewhat mundane activities, interactions
-much british invasion music, soft rock band songs.
theater within a movie